~Treat your body like the temple it is~

Natural Luxury Body Care

Our mission here at Chloebella Handcrafted is to provide you with an alternative more holistic body care line that not only cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes, but also heals your skin.

Each whipped body butter, whipped sugar scrub and face & body bars are 99.6% to 100% NATURAL and handmade in small batches.

All products are infused with a variation of natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and other skin loving moisturizers.



Chloebella Mission

My goal is to provide a natural, holistic alternative to prescription ointments and water & alcohol filled products to help heal, soothe and protect all skin types. Thank you in advance for supporting my mission.

How did Chloebella get started?

My name is Norma Lopez and my company is named after my two fur babies Chloe & Bella. After being a hairstylist for almost 15 years my hands were destroyed from all the chemicals to the point where I developed Dyshidrotic Eczema. I was miserable and couldn't find any moisturizing products that didn't irritate, inflame or burn my hands and the itching was driving me insane.

Frustrated I got down and did some research! I learned water, even though it may hydrate the inside of your body, does the opposite to the outside (who knew? not me.) I also found out most "lotion" type products on the market are made up of mostly, you guessed it WATER as well as alcohol and other unnatural ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin. With this information I set out to create my own solution. I wanted to create a product that did not include any of the ingredients that I knew were harmful and could possibly irritate my skin.

Our skin is like a sponge and naturally absorbs what you rub into it. With that information I started experimenting with different oils and butters and learning all the benefits that each butter and oil provided to the user as well as the pros and cons of using just butters and natural oils. One main negative response to this was that it could be heavy or greasy on the skin. Another obstacle was the fear of product melting in the sun or heat due to not including chemical preservatives. After months and months of R&D I finally came up with a recipe that was solid enough to maintain its consistency and integrity in heat up to 80 degrees much longer than most body butters on the market but was also a non-greasy formula. Once I began sharing this product with friends and family, its popularity snowballed because of the amazing results they had and here we are today!